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    August 30, 2010
    11:00 - 12:00pm EDT  

call now. good day to you. right now on msnbc, there is breaking news on hurricane earl, the storm just grew into a category 3 hurricane and it could grow even stronger. the new warnings for the east coast as well as the latest on where earl is is is headed is all ahead. a fire in tennessee. was the fire purposefully set? >> and crews begin drilling to reach the trapped men in chili. find out how the miners will be
passing time. what is is being done to try to help their own escape. we begin on breaking news now. hurricane earl is quickly becoming a new threat. minutes ago he was upgraded to a major category 3 storm. in the meantime hurricane danielle has turned up waves all along the east coast. one surfer died in florida as a result of the strong rip tides. >> that is the eye of the
hurricane. you will be just to the south of that later on tonight. probably still major hurricane sart morning. that is when it will make its closer approach. by the time we get to friday morning, that's when its closest approach to the yersy shore and long island, by the time we get
into the weekend, that's by the time the storm exits. the margin of error is usually about 300 miles. that's the concern. it's been 19 years since we have seen a storm like this come through. we will watch these lines over the next couple of days. none of our computers are showing a direct landfall on the united states. there is a closer line. these lines only have to shift about 50 to 100 miles and then we are talking about landfall on cape cod or the outer banks.
>> bill, appreciate that very much. we want to move on to the economy right now. in 90 minutes, president obama will comment on the state of the economy after he receives his daily wreefing. consumer spending finally showed a little bit of strength after last month a boost after three lackluster months. this weekend the president sat down with brian williams and commented on this still sluggish economy. take a listen. >> we anticipated that the recovery was slowing. the economy is still growing but not as fast as it needs to. i have got things right now before congress that we should
move immediately. nothing is a magic bullet but we can continue to build momentum. >> you heard the president say there is no magic bullet here. john, i want to get a sense from you what has changed here to get to increased consumer spending? at some point consumers spend 70%. what needs to change? >> one of the things that we have seen, peter, since the financial crisis has been consumers realizing that they were over extended as the country is. the president has talked about changing the basis for our economy. on the other hand, you want some consumer spending in the near term to try to get this economy
going. we are simply not creating jobs and growing fast enough to make people feel good. >> we hope to hear from the president soon. thank you. the manhattan district attorney's office is investigating the circumstances leading up to the tragic death of a diplomat's daughter. authorities want to know how a 17-year-old was able to use a brazilian fake id. the 17-year-old, the daughter of a u.s. ambassador to thailand fell to her death at a high-rise apartment building right here in new york city. her death is casting a spotlight on the dangers of underaged drinking. she was young, attractive and like so many kids her age, she
was looking forward to starting college. the daughter of u.s. am bas core to thailand, she was enrolled in new york's school for design. but after a night of partying, nicole's life was cut short after she fell to her death. >> she was on the 25th floor. her body was found on the third floor ledge. at the scene was a camera. we don't know if that means she may have looked out the window to take a picture. >> what do you have to say about serving alcohol to a miner. >> this man was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for providing alcohol to miners. nicole's night of partying had reportedly started at a nightclub tenjune.
>> fake ids aring in new but the internet has made getting them easier. >> they have party promoters and it doesn't matter how old you are. you don't even need a fake any more. just a college id. >> approximately 5,000 people under the age of 21 die each year as a result of underaged drinking. >> a terrible tragedy. the u.s. ambassador has not yet
released a statement on behalf of the family. a fire in suburban nashville, tennessee, is now the focus of a investigation. someone poured what appears to be flammable liquid on four pieces of construction equipment. one of them was set on fire. samples are being sent in for analysis and tonight there is a candle light vigil being held to protest the vandalism there. >> what more are they telling you about what took place in your community? >> so far what we have information is that someone poured flammable liquid on four vehicles and they torched one.
from all indication, to us it looks like arson. this is taking it to a high level. this is a crime now. >> that is the future islamic enter sign and it has been vandalism. the foorry over the proposed mosque closer to ground zero has emboldened opposition groups. what are you seeing in that communi community? is there really a new sense of fear?
>> i have been in tennessee about 30 years and it is a beautiful state and this is a very nice and welcoming town. its people are very hospitable. what happened lately is not representative of the community. it is really making every one of us very scared and worried. especially the kids. adults may be able to figure things out. but how would you explain that to a 5-year-old kid or 6-year-old kid who asks, you know, i have been born here they want to know why people hate them and it is devastating. >> again on the planning committee of the iz lamickey scepter in tennessee has joined us live.
thank you so much. >> there is breaking news here. and vice president joe biden will be presiding over a ceremony. tomorrow this will coincide with the president having his second address. the vice president of the united states, joe biden arriving a short time ago in baghdad where he is presiding over the ceremony that will mark the formal end of combat operations in iraq. there is a lot of talk today
about the competing rallies in d.c. at the same time there was a counter rally staged. this morning reverent sharpton was on "morning joe" and he expressed concern about what he says the beck rally failed to do. >> i think they honored dr. king the person but never dealt with the content of his speech. then we would know that is what the people were there for. >> kelly o'donnell is joining us here from the nation's capital. what more are they saying with a little time to consider what the people witnessed? >> you really get a sense when you listen toal sharpton and his
measured response. sharpton acknowledged that nothing got out of hand but he expressed concern about the tone. many have at times been accused of being racially insensitive if not racially negative. that was the context for all of this. beck tried to head that off in a way. he wanted his supporters to not do anything overtly political. he told them not to bring any signs. he said it was a day about god and restoring honor. you get a sense of the more theelogical sense that he was trying to convey when you listen to this clip from saturday. >> something beyond imagination is happening.
something that is is beyond man is happening. america today begins to turn back to god. beck's gathering also included sarah palin. it was a very long, very huge event. there are really some debate over how many people were there. on the low end there is something in the range of 80,000. on the high end there may be as many as 300 or 400,000. regardless it was a big group and it was a peaceful event and it certainly looked political in some ways because of who was there and why but the tone was more religious, patriotic tone. that's what they tried to do.
i guess it was a perfect exercise of democracy. >> it was like a religious revival of sorts. roger clemens heads to court to face charges of lying to congress. we will go live for the latest details on that. tragedy in indianapolis. a promising 13-year-old motorcycle racer loses his life. >> i am here at the ohio state university. we will talk about how ohio is hom to many key congressional districts. will it help the gop take back the house? 
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and the youngest racer ever was killed in indianapolis. he had been racing since he was just five and considered a rising star in the sport of motorcycling. in just a few hours, roger clemens will go before a judge in washington d.c. he faces six counts stemming from his testimony back in 2008 when he denied ever using steroids or hgh. depending what happens after today's hearing and going
forward, clemens faces up to 30 years behind bars. if that holds, then obviously clemmen's will be in trouble against a jury. clemen's showed up around 10:05. that is going be the story of the day. a clerk -- the clerk's office told us he is inside right now even though again it starts at 2:00 p.m. >> he is there on time. that's the good news. you will keep us posted throughout the day. thanks a lot. the mipers trapped in chili will need to help rescuers in
their own escape. we will take you live to chile for the latest developments in this story.
welcome back to msnbc. with just weeks to go, republicans need to twin 48 congressional districts that backed john mccain for president but sent a democrat to washington. the president has already made nine visits to the state since taking office. why is that such a barometer? >> the ohio 16th district is a place that has lost a lot of
jobs. it sent a democrat to con gres in 2008 and sit home to a lot of moderate swing voters. they need to win suburban homes, wine tasters and maybe amish country. they are asking where are the jobs. >> jobs have been lost by one candidate and the other one is supposed to be raising taxes. who is doing what for the people? >> obviously jobs concern me. i graduated from college in 2008 with a bachelor's degree and it took me about a year and a half to find a job. >> i want to understand what it
is like to run a small business. >> and this area is not just realing from the latest economic downturn. >> ohio has suffered a long term decline. it has happened here as well. >> what do you point to over the past years where you have tried to spur job creation? >> we wanted the put folks back to work, helping rebuild our country with economic recovery package was all about. >> he is up against former ohio mayor. he has decided to run a businessman as politician campaign where he claims he
knows how to create jobs. >> the government can't create jobs but the government can get out of the way. today they are in the way. what they are doing is they are, the health care bill puts another obstacle up in front of them. my goal is less government and less taxes. let the people who can employ people have the dollars to do it. >> a race of national important to be decided by the worried voters of ohio's 16th district. >> that is the word of the day in ohio. jobs, jobs, jobs. a lot of residents in this state. there is a lot of confusion regarding health care laws. people don't know how to enroll or what it will do for them. a lot of folks fear they will lose their benefits. so on two important issues jobs and health care, at least in
ohio, the democrats will have to sharpen their message to appeal to the swing voters. >> certainly tight races. and jimmy fallon hosted television's golden night. al roker nearly pulling an all nighter. all next. ♪ [ male announcer ] he's sweet, even with 1/3 less sugar than soda. kool-aid delivering more smiles per gallon.
back live on msnbc, you are looking at the latest satellite imagery. this is now a major category 3 storm in the atlantic.
rater today, forecasters are saying that the center of earl will pass over the virgin islands. the sustained winds are nearly 120 miles per hour. it is expected anywhere from the carolinas to new england. we will keep you posted as we learn more about that. we are expecting the president to update us on the state of the american economy. he is is to speak in the rose garden right after he receives the daily economic briefing. this all comes when the president will speak to the nation about the latest on the war in iraq. we begin with the hottest top nick america which is the
economy. >> what the president has to do is try to explain where we are in the economy. and where he thinks the economy is headed. this is a president who told brian williams that he wants to present the optimism about the country. i imagine there is a positive spin he will be putting on the data. he has to explain how his policies will be working and what he wants to see congress do. that story telling which the president is famous for he has got to apply to the economy. >> the president has a dell kate balancing act to do this week. on wednesday he welcomes two
middle east leaders. he is trying to deal with the economy. how does that satisfy democrats who want him to focus on the economy? >> vacation is over for him. he has got a very full agenda. he needs to apply all of his effort to the economy and reelection effort. you cannot ignore the fact that he has delivered on what he said. he has to talk the american people through on what this means. what he want his job to be as commander in chief. that's a very full set of challenges at a time when
politicians, democratic politicians want him to talk about the economy. >> and the 911 anniversary less than two weeks away and that will reignite discussions about the mosque. thanks very much. today marks 25 days underground for the 33 miners trapped 2300 feet below the earth's surface and we are getting new color images of the men. this shows how the men are coping with their surroundings and let's them send greetings to their loved ones. we are live from chile with the latest on that. angie there is is this new video and new efforts to help the men maintain their sanity. football matches are being recorded and sent to them so they can try to keep positive attitu attitudes. >> reporter: that's right, peter.
y. the chilean government is in a race against time to get these men out. but officials are very, very cautious when they estimate time. remember, peter, they are half a mile under beneath. how the miners are doing? they are doing better. yesterday they received anti-bacteria clothing. now they have a permanent shower and water. also, as you say, they received a projector to watch soccer games. but the best news is they were able to speak via phone with their loved ones. peter? >> i didn't realize until our conversation that chile is the world's largest producer of copper. you would assume with so many mines in that country that they have the technology that they
need for this process. do they have what they need? or is much of this process getting the tools there as it is digging down to get them? >> well the big drill is coming from germany. they have the technology but this is an incredible epic search. so this has not been done in the history of this country. >> angie, thank you so much. paris hilton is thanking fans for support. police say hilton was riding in a cadillac with her boyfriend at the wheel when the police pulled them over after smelling marijuana smoke coming out of the car. officers said they found a small amount of cocaine inside her purse. she now disputes it was her purse in the first place. when hollywood celebrated the
best and brightest on the small screen. al is in los angeles with us with the layest on the festivities. >> last night we had repeat winners and some first timers. and that included the host, yimy fallon. >> jimmy kicked off the show with a take off on the freshman comedy glee. the night's winners including several repeats. mad men won best drama for the third year in a row. >> you are doing a show in the early to mid 60s, it seems to really reflect what's going on today. >> behave badly and make poor decisions and that's timeless. >> and best dramatic actor for his role as a drug dealing teacher in breaking bad.
>> actress, a three time winner for the sopranos won best actress in a comedy as the pill popping nurse, jackie. >> this is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened. i'm not funny. >> "top chef" served up its first emmy. >> i's at time that a cooking show finally won. >> everybody on the planet eats. >> i can't turn it off. it's who i am. >> and a sweetly dysfunctional family won for best comedy. >> we are so thrilled that families are sitting down together to watch a television show. >> and best actress in a drama went to kira for her role as a detective in "the closer". george clooney won a standing
ovation for organizing celebrity fundraisers. >> when a disaster happens, everybody wants to help and everybody at home wants to help. the hard part is seven months later, five years later. >> what's the answer? >> i don't know. it's always been a problem. it's not something new. it's all of our responsibility. >> and on a personal note we were really excited to see one of our own, bucky guntz, a former "today show" director who happened to win for the vancouver olympics and become the best running gag throughout the evening. peter, back to you. >> you got love bucky guntz. congratulations to him. for the latest entertainment snu news, log on. carrie sanders has been
along for the historic titanic ride. and the feds are wigging out over a pair of bank robbers in georgia. michelle is joining us live here next. ya. uhhuh. mhhmm. oh i know. that was cute. right. honey eat. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million.
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[ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life. today's true crime. the fbi is on the hunt for a pair of bank robbers. they have struck three times already always wearing these bizarre wigs. these guys are believed to be armed and dangerous. they have told people to get down on the floors. are there any new leads this morning? >> i did speak to the fbi this morning. in these types of bank robberies, this is not common. you do not normally have
suspects come in. jumping over top. normally they pass notes. they seem to be a little bit calm. these are men suspects who are attracting attention to themselves. there have been three that could possibly be linked to the wig wearing bandits there were two others that. >> do we know any new information? they believe that they have gotten away in a silver lexus. they are pulling out evidence and i would imagine that there will be a lot that they can get from inside of the vehicle.
if anyone stands in their way. three or five robberies. >> the fbi will not say how much they have gotten away with. they usually don't disclose those kinds of amounts. the suspects are between 0 to 30 years old. they are black men, armed and dangerous and they may wear the ridiculous wigs. we appreciate your help. thank you so much. >> coming up, a mother's hug brings her newborn baby back to life. it's true and amazing and it's all next. >> i am live in newfoundland where the titanic expedition has been chased back to safe harbor
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back live right now on msnbc, a grieving mom in australia believes she cuddled her baby back to life. she had given birth to premature twins at 27 weeks. doctors told the parents one of the babies did not survive. this is home video that shows at some point, two hours of holding her son against her bare chest, they noticed the baby boy showing signs of life. >> started gasping regularly. i thought oh, my god, what's going on. then a short time later he opened his eyes. >> the baby boy, named jamie, is said to be doing fine. mom and dad say he is their miracle baby. terrific picture. rough weather from hurricane weather forces titanic team to pack up and get out of harm's
way. the team had been at the wreck site trying to create the first-ever 3 d virtual map of the kerry sanders in new finland. i was riveted by your coverage all weekend long. even without the 3d glasses we could realize how impressive this was. any idea how long they will be on hold? >> probably about a week. i'm very glad we did come ashore. the captain on board here said he believed with hurricane danielle and then the storm following behind, that we might have seas of 40 feet. i did not want to bounce around on this 243 foot research vessel with 40-foot waves and rolling seas out there. peter, i happen to know you know what it's like to be trapped on a ship. >> 23 long days. >> trapped by the ice. >> up in the northwest passage. i'm glad that our captain made that decision. so we're back here. but the team had a tremendous amount of success in the first
week of the expedition. they are going to be doing this when they go back out. it's a full month long mission. the video down below is just remarkable. it's extraordinary pictures in 3d hd. the cameras floated down on rov. the pilot flying them into places that are extremely difficult to get to. the knots were about one to half a knot current down there, so they were fighting it a little bit. they were able to bring in pictures of the captain's state room of the titanic, the porcelain on the tub is still there. able to look at the bow, the railings. just the pictures are stunning. perhaps the most amazing thing is they have now created a map of the entire wreckage site. for the longest time, since 1985, when this titanic wreckage was first found, they thought it was primarily in just a six square mile area. they now have mapped 15 square
miles and they have found areas that have never been looked at before. they know there is debris there. once this weather passes, they are heading bk out there. they are going to go and put the camera down on those new locations. we have no idea what they are going to see. one thing i thought that was very interesting about all of this, five years ago on a mission out here, mary ann keith and evan met on an expedition. this morning as we were heading back in up on the bow, they got married. so a love story with the titanic just like the movie. >> no doubt. fortunately your ship is doing just fine. the titanic is where their love was found and the love boat is where they celebrated it today. thanks, kerry, so much. we appreciate it. speaking of new underwater discoveries, we have to show you this video. look at that. come to your screen for a second. this is nuts a group of scuba divers came off this guy off the coast of japan. what is it? they say he looks just like the
animated character shrek only under water. what do you think? experts say he's about 30 years old. that's the best we got. we've got not a clue. we're showing it to you. >> you know it's a he? >> we don't know what it is. >> i've seen shrek. that does not look like shrek. it's ugly. >> if that's a lady, i'd hate to see the guys. >> bless his heart. or her. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. coming up at the top of the hour, the president is back to work and about to speak. in the hours ahead the president will speak live from the rose garden. just the start of what will be a busy week for the commander in chief. tracking hurricane earl, category three storm. depending on the track it could mean big problems for the eastern seaboard. all that plus a suspicious fire at a proposed mosque in
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♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ good monday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer covering the news coast-to-coast. we begin with what could be another week of bleak news on the economy. right now the president's economic advisers are briefing him. in half an hour we're expected to talk about the lagging recovery. the white house is bracing for friday's big jobs report. experts anticipate it will show more lost jobs and a higher unemployment rate. in an exclusive interview with brian williams, the president acknowledged the frustration over this slow recovery. >> they have every right to be frustrated, every right to be angry. we are steadily moving forward. a year ago today we were losing jobs, we're now gaining them. the economy was contracting, it's now expanding. it's not happening as fast as